About Us

Virginia Pratt


An Experienced & Dedicated Human Services Worker – Motivated to Make a Difference!

Hello! I have been passionate about supporting my community since I was a young teen. Since then, different pieces of my life path have led me to Prosper Community Outreach. I have always wanted to assist and provide help in the Social Service or Criminal Justice field. It’s my desire and passion to help children and their families through education in a safe, more secure environment. We work together to progress down the road to true independence. I enjoy helping and assisting the process of change in an individual’s life; moreover, to protect and promote the health, safety of strengthening families, community responsibility and welfare of children care.

Virginia directs the delivery of culturally competent services for clients based the needs of the individual consumers. It’s important to develop strategies for community collaboration to creatively deliver workforce development services in partnership with the community while enriching current relationships. She also facilitates and plans curriculum that focuses on integrated employment, life, and social skills. Providing community-based experiences for members participating in various treatment programs in the community is a part of what we do. Virginia delivers trainings, facilitates meetings and supervises 24-27 youth and adult employees and volunteers during the summer session.

Virginia’s background and knowledge consist of experience in child and family Development and Human Behavior, dynamics of child abuse and neglect, de-escalating knowledge of child welfare services and child protective, adoption and consultation techniques and the ability to use information to organize a coordinated delivery system. With knowledge of supervisory principles and practices and the ability to think critically and analyze complex problems or issues, Virginia maintains effective and timely communication with clients, pertinent family, and support persons to provide information, elicit feedback to best support the client in their programming needs.

It’s key to provide a positive experience for adults, children and families. Virginia and staff meets with youth and families to gather information and establish parameters and plans. With familiarity in programs, policies, and community resources regarding foster care, group homes, parent skills, medical assistance, nutritional assistance, food pantry, housing, education, and energy assistance, we have the knowledge to use local and national resources to refer clients to needed programs. 

Virginia is an Ordained Pastor. She also holds Alcohol Substance Abuse Counselor Licensing. 

I enjoy helping and assisting in the process of change in an individual’s life; moreover, to protect and promote the health, safety of strengthening families, community responsibility and welfare of children care. I know how to treat and talk with respect to individuals. I enroll in courses that can contribute to strengthening my Leadership involvement in the public setting.


Our vision is to serve the most vulnerable children to adults and families in Southeastern Wisconsin. Prosper Community Engagement Outreach and its partner churches are dedicated to putting our vision into action by providing a full range of charitable resources such as affordable quality housing, employment programs, human services, education, religious, human trafficking, domestic violence, community engagement, life skills, and development activities. These activities help people realize their God-given potential in their family, community, neighborhoods, and relationship with God through faith.

Mission Statement

Prosper Community Outreach is a community and Christian organization. Our organization and partners place our trust in the central Christian belief that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Lord. We provide education, financial programs, growth, nutrients, and a safe loving, and caring environment. We strive to improve our community by carrying a vision bigger than ourselves in an effort to produce positive change in our children’s lives and others.