About Us

Prosper Childcare Development CTR, LLC has been incorporated since 2013.  Milwaukee desperately need highly quality/qualify Childcare programs to educate our little ones in reading, math, science. We have seen the nationwide, recognized issues with children and youths and instability in their home lives. We seek to offer support and offer needed change to these areas of major concern in Milwaukee County.  This Full sized child care facility/agency will provide services for children from age 6 weeks to 13 years of age. These services are safe and secure, providing the parents with an excellent place where their children can be well cared for. We are a great option for childcare in Milwaukee.

Meet Our Director

Virginia Pratt

“I had a great experience with my children when I placed them in childcare. That is the type of environment I am looking to create and improve upon with the children at Prosper Childcare Center.”

Hello my name is Virginia Pratt. I am the proud mother of two children and 6 grandchildren. I am th professional business owner of Prosper Childcare Development Center, LLC. and the CEO of Prosper Community Outreach LLC. I have lived in Washington Park District since 2012. I served on NID Board for 2 terms, as Secretary. I have a Master of Science Degree in Education. I am an Ordained Pastor and I also received my Alcohol Substance Abuse Counselor Licensing. I enjoy working in the community, making a difference in individual’s lives Being active in the Neighborhood/Community is important to me; just to name a few, Chaplains for Milwaukee Police Department, District Sector Rep/Crime and Safety meeting, United Methodist Children Service meeting and etc. I have always wanted to assist and provide help in Community Advocate, Social Service or Criminal Justice field. It’s my desire and passion to help WP NID parent, children, youth and families become safer and protect families to be more secure and progress down the road to true independence and resources. I enjoy helping and assisting in the process of change in an individual’s life; moreover, to protect and promote the health, safety of strengthening families, community responsibility and welfare of children care. I know how to treat and talk with respect to individuals. I enroll in courses that can contribute to strengthening my Leadership involvement in the public setting.

Thank You!

Virginia Pratt/Director
Prosper Childcare LLC